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Photovoltaics for the Technically Ungifted

book cover: Photovoltaics for the Technically Ungifted
Photovoltaics in Germany are, from a technical point of view, as sensible as pineapple plantations in Alaska. Yet they are a success! How can that be? This book gives the answer to this question and shows how anybody who can hold a screwdriver the right way round can set up a photovoltaic installation. Some of the work should/must be done by a qualified electrician and I don't encourage anybody to monkey around on the roof installing solar panels. However, you would be surprised how much of the necessary work you can do by yourself and how much money you can save.

This book is directed at the man or woman in the street and the owners of small companies (worldwide) who are thinking of producing their own electric energy. Those who want to feed into the grid in order to tap subsidies will get very limited benefit from this book.

Already now (the beginning of 2014) electric energy can be produced in large areas of the world for less than 3 Euro cent per kWh (only when the sun shines); the only problem is that this energy has to be used immediately. Cheap energy is no dream for the distant future. It is already now reality for everybody and can be ordered via Internet right here, right now.

All that one needs to know is set out in simple language using plenty of examples; even those who preferred to keep some distance from this 'complicated' subject have an extremely good chance of building up enough expertise to detect if some salesman is trying to pull the wool over their eyes. The motto of this book is: save your money and your planet in one go! Photovoltaics might have the potential to stop the global warming!